Gypsy Mama's hosts several Psychic & Holistic health fairs through out the year. We have 20+ readers, healers and merchant vendors available for your every holistic/spiritual need. Visit our Event page for our upcoming fairs.

We also offer home/private parties for your convenience. You can book 1-5 readers/healers. Each party is different, so contact for more information. 


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Call us today for Your personalized reading or Healing service or to book a party or event  @989-964-1436

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One of my favorite places to spend time. 

Torch Lake, Michigan

This is your one stop shop for all things metaphysical and supernatural. Gypsy Mama's has a many psychics, healers, artists and entertainers for your every need. We are here to spread light and love and help make this earth a happier place. 

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We offer many different types of readings. We have Psychic Mediums, Spirit Channels, Tarot & Angel cards, Palm, Crystal Ball, Runes, Celtic Stone & much more.

Readings are available by email, phone & in person.

Please see GypsyMama's bio to meet me.

Get the Answers You Seek! 


We take Holistic Health very seriously here at Gypsy Mama's. We offer a wide variety of healing modalities to get you in perfect alignment, body, mind & soul. Tuning Forks & Sound/Vibration Therapy, Access Bars, Amythest Biomat, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Crystal healing & more. 


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