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My name is Lisa. I am the owner of Gypsy Mama's Psychic Fairs. I opened Gypsy Mama's in 2010.

I offer Spirit guided  Tarot, Numerology, Palm & Pendulum readings giving you deep insight and answers. I am a natural born empath. I can "feel" others. I am clairvoyant & clairaudient. I've always experienced Spiritual & Psychic activity & communication. I can look into any area of your life, money, career, love, relationships & health. I combine tarot, numerology & my natural psychic intuitive-ness to give you deep insight and answers to life's burning questions. I'm also developing my psychic mediumship skills. It is my intention to be a clear vessel of communication from Spirit to the person open & searching for answers, validation & guidance.

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I offer in home, email and phone readings.